Patagonia On Fire, llc

Private Events

Private events curated with exclusive dining experiences from Patagonia On Fire are a wonderful way to spend time with your close ones while treating them to an upscale culinary experience. You may choose to enjoy a meal with your guests in the comfort of your home without bothering about shopping for ingredients or post-dinner cleanup, or may hire our expert Patagonian chef to cater at a special venue of your choice.
Rest assured, your guests are to absolutely enjoy lip-smacking delicacies from Argentina and around the world with a highly personalized chef interaction and experience. At Patagonia On Fire, our expert chef and staff cater to the following private events:
Barbeque Platter

Customize the Menu to Your Taste

You may customize the event menu to your unique tastes, event theme, or dietary needs, however do head over to our most popular menus and check out the assortments yourself! Every meal is made by Chef Mati Lopez to perfection using only the finest, seasonal ingredients and the rich smoky flavors indigenous to Patagonia.

Meet the Chef

Chef Matias Javier Lopez, the Founder and Head Chef of Patagonia On Fire, is a seasoned professional and culinary enthusiast. Lopez comes from a three-generation family with a long history in the production of traditional Argentine cuisine. He was raised in Patagonia, a part of South America known for its stunning and diverse landscape and bordered by Argentina and Chile. In order to showcase his Argentine heritage and the delectable cuisine that results from the area’s unique landscape, climate, and history, Lopez has founded Patagonia On Fire LLC as an exclusive catering company offering bespoke private dining experiences in California and beyond.
Chef Matias Javier Lopez


We at Patagonia On Fire will handle all aspect of catering for your private event, from selecting the cleanest and freshest ingredients to cooking meals for your guests and engaging them in conversation for a fine dining experience. Your guests will be mesmerized by the sight and fragrance of our chef curating smoky dishes over an open flame to create delicacies that are brimming with flavor and texture. If you're looking for something a little different, we can quickly change our menu to include a range of international cuisines, such as Italian, Thai, or French cuisine.