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For An Unforgettable Dining Experience

Steak Fire Iconic Dishes

Relish in Authentic Open-Fire Cooked Food

Patagonian cuisine is known for its connection with fire, one that can be traced back to the region’s long history of indigenous settlers using open fires for cooking and preserving food. With time, the tradition seeped into the daily lives of European settlers who dominated Patagonia in the 19th century, gradually making its way into the rich culinary culture of the region.
At Patagonia On Fire LLC, we bring to you this very aspect of our rich roots, including iconic dishes, barbecues, and smoky flavors unique to the subcontinent. From asados to roasted lambs, traditional mate teas to smoky herbal mixes, relish in the authentic culture and culinary traditions of the indigenous cuisine here at Patagonia On Fire!

Select Recipes from Patagonia and Around the World!

While traditional Argentinean cuisine is our specialty, your wish is our command at Patagonia On Fire! We take pride in the unique culinary experiences we curate for our customers that you will not find anywhere else in California, US.

In addition to our Patagonian delicacies, we also offer a wide range of international cuisines, from Italian to Thai, French to Mexican! Rest on us to put together only the finest ingredients and the most authentic recipes to bring you exquisite platters that are delicious, nutritious, and unique.

Our expert chef, rooted deeply in the quaint lush landscapes of Patagonia, has perfected the art of open-fire cooking and fashioning flavourful, texture-rich dishes for various tastes. Be ready for lip-smacking dishes and select preparations from different cuisines and cultures, with our talented Chef and Founder Mati Lopez at your service.

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Of Experience

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Curated Private Dining Experiences, the Argentinean Way

At Patagonia On Fire, we are committed to providing customers with a truly exceptional and luxurious private dining experience. Our Chef and Founder Mr. Mati Lopez is extremely passionate about exploring new flavors, techniques, and recipes, while still being deeply rooted in the rich Patagonian culture of open-fire cooking. This means you get the benefits of not just a luxurious and comfortable private dining experience, but also one that’s laced with cultural richness and professional finesse.
Our Services

How We Can Serve You

Whether you are setting up a private party for just your friends and family or organizing a large business event with over a 100 guests, Patagonia On Fire is your one-stop destination for exclusive, culture-rich, experience-based dining services.

Private Chef

Our chef will set up a specially made grill and fire pit in your garden or outdoor patio, to prepare a variety of delectable dishes in Patagonia’s unique open-fire style right in front of you! You can watch the meat sizzle and the flames dance as the flavor- and texture-rich treats get prepared.

Private Dining Experience

Our private dining offering is just what you need for an evening of intrigue, excitement, and luxury for your friends, family, and guests. Organize your luncheons and dinner parties with special, customizable menus from Patagonia On Fire, and get a curated private dining experience that your guests will never forget.

Private Events

At Patagonia On Fire, we are committed to giving your event guests a genuinely outstanding and opulent experience. From birthday parties to wedding receptions, bridal showers to anniversaries, funerals and memorials to wakes, hire Patagonia On Fire caterers for catering.

Corporate Events

Get curated corporate event catering services from Patagonia On Fire, irrespective of the gathering size. With our expert chefs and staff at your disposal, you can rest assured of entertaining your guests to an innovative and intriguing palette of select recipes from not just Argentina but around the world.

Book Our Catering Services for All Event Types

Patagonia On Fire offers bespoke catering services for both private and corporate events within the San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley, with a commitment to unique culinary experiences that your guests will never forget!

While we specialize in the rich heritage of Patagonian open-fire cooking, you can rely on us for quickly adapting to different regional and international cuisines based on your needs, themes, and preferences.

Why Hire Patagonia On Fire For Event Catering?

Patagonia On Fire stands out of the crowd with its unique private dining experiences, mesmerizing guests by the sight and aroma of our chefs cooking up a storm over open flames. Our dishes, rich in flavor and texture, and the open-fire cooking used to prepare them, are the perfect additions for excitement and intrigue at your event.
Fire Pit Cooking

We have four different menu selections, detailed as below:

Buffet Menu

Please contact us for pricing

Finger Food Menu

Please contact us for pricing

Wood Fire Mix Parrillada

Please contact us for pricing

Custom Menu

Please contact us for pricing

All of our menus are available for modification for customers with particular dietary requirements or preferences.

The rates mentioned above are only starting prices, subject to change based on the number of visitors and special preferences or additions by guests, if any, irrespective of the number of guests or diners. We make sure to bill our customers individually for menu design services to maintain transparency, clarity, and standards. Beverages are priced separately, with a licensed bartender to serve our guests if needed.
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An Unforgettable Culinary Extravaganza with Bespoke Menus

We think that food ought to be more than just fuel for life; it ought to be a source of happiness, solace, and motivation. In order to satisfy your appetite and make you feel content and pleased, we constantly work to develop new and unique recipes.

Explore Our Rich and Diverse Menu
Patagonia On Fire, LLC specializes in recipes that are influenced by the heritage Patagonian cuisine, with a focus on indigenous techniques for grilling food and luxury plating. Our premium menus at Patagonia On Fire lures customers eager to check out new cuisines and keen on offering their guests a unique dining experience.

What They Say

– Julieta

“Hailing from Argentina myself, Patagonia On Fire took me back to the rich cuisine of my homeland. The food was everything it was supposed to be – delicious, laced with smoky flavors, and just the right amount of spicy. I had booked their private chef experience for my friend’s bridal shower, and I am absolutely in love! Looking forward to hiring them again soon.”

– Julieta

– Dwayne

“I had booked the Patagonia On Fire private dining for our anniversary, and to say the least, it was a spellbinding experience. Loved the grilled seafood on the platter, and the rustic dessert. Will definitely book them again sometime soon. Absolutely recommend.”

– Dwayne

– Kate

“My friend hosted this amazing party on her birthday with striking Argentinean cuisine from Patagonia On Fire. I fell absolutely in love with the cordero al palo served to us. What mesmerized me even before than the impeccable smoky, sweet and savory taste of the dish was seeing the chef roasting the lamb over an open fire. It was such a memorable dining experience! I absolutely recommend Patagonia On Fire to everyone looking for a curated private chef setup.”

– Kate

- Reza

“I recently hired Patagonia On Fire for our annual corporate event and have received such good feedback from my colleagues and guests! They were particularly enthralled by the Chef’s warmth and hospitality, who took the time to explain the techniques and ingredients used in Patagonian open-fire cooking. Definitely my go-to on the list of event caterers in the region!”

- Reza

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