Patagonia On Fire, llc

Corporate Events

At Patagonia On Fire, we offer catering services for an array of corporate events, including:
Meat Wrap

What To Expect from Our Corporate Catering Services

Lentil Hummus Salad

Customizable Menus

You can alter the menu for your event to suit your particular preferences, the theme of the event, or the dietary requirements of your guests, but we encourage you to visit our most popular menus and browse the options yourself. Chef Mati Lopez prepares each dish to perfection using only the freshest, in-season ingredients and the distinctively fire-and-smoky cuisine native to Patagonia.

Meet the Chef

The Chef and Founder of Patagonia On Fire LLC, Chef Matias Javier Lopez, is a seasoned professional and culinary enthusiast. Lopez is from a three-generation-old family with a significant history in the traditional Argentine food industry. He was raised in Patagonia, a region of South America that borders Argentina and Chile and is renowned for its beautiful and varied terrain. Lopez founded Patagonia On Fire LLC to promote his Argentine roots and the mouthwatering cuisine that arises from the region’s distinctive terrain, climate, and history.
chef matias lopez


From choosing the cleanest and freshest products to cooking meals for your guests and engaging them in conversation for a fine dining experience, Patagonia On Fire will manage every element of catering for your corporate event. The aroma and sight of our cooks toiling hard over an open flame to produce delights that are rich in flavor and texture will captivate your guests. We can easily alter our menu to include a variety of exotic cuisines, such as Italian, Thai, or French cuisine, if you're searching for something a little different.