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Private Chef

Get ready to relish in the richest and most unique culinary experiences curated for you from the verdant and historic roots of Argentina with Patagonia On Fire! With cuisine preparations that are deeply rooted in Patagonia’s open-fire cooking culture, we bring to your tables experiences uniquely designed by your very own private chef.

Customized to Your Needs

Hosting a party for two? Want to experience a barbecue and live fire pit cooking display in your backyard? Want to try different international cuisines? Want to take care of special dietary preferences? Now you can get our expert chef to hem exactly the private dining experience of your choice with Patagonia On Fire LLC.
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Thai Street Food

Take Care of Everything

Our crew of talented chefs and caterers will work closely with you to develop a menu that is customized to your preferences and dietary needs. To make sure that every dish we offer is both delectable and nourishing, we only utilize the freshest, highest-quality ingredients.

Curated for Every Occasion

Birthday party, anniversary, baby shower, bridal shower, bachelorette, brunch meetups, school reunions, zillionth date – all you need is a reason and we will serve you for every occasion. Relish in a curated private chef experience with your special ones for a memorable evening with Patagonia On Fire.
Mini Cakes With White Icing
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Cook From Your Kitchen

Preparing an assortment of rich regional delicacies for your guests in Patagonia’s distinctive open-fire style, our chef will put up a custom designed grill and fire pit in your garden or outdoor patio, or even your kitchen. From picking the freshest and healthiest of ingredients, to preparing meals for your guests and finally leaving your home spic-and-span, we cater to it all. Bring over your friends and family to watch our expert chef prepare the flavor- and texture-rich delights while the meat sizzles and the flames dance.

Meet the Chef

Patagonia On Fire LLC Chef and Founder Matias Javier Lopez is a seasoned professional and food enthusiast. Lopez is a third-generation member of a family that has been deeply involved in the traditional Argentine food industry. He was born and raised in the beautiful South American territory of Patagonia. With Patagonia On Fire LLC, Lopez hopes to highlight his Argentinean background and the rich cuisine that is a result of the region’s distinctive terrain, climate, and history.
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Your private chef from Patagonia On Fire will care of everything, from selecting the freshest and healthiest ingredients to cooking meals for your visitors and finally leaving your home spotless. Our chef will install a specially made grill and fire pit in your garden, outside patio, or even your kitchen to prepare a variety of rich regional dishes for your guests in Patagonia's distinctive open-fire manner.

Book a Private Chef

Looking to hire a private chef to add a touch of intrigue and excitement to your special occasion? Look no further than Patagonia On Fire LLC! Book your appointment with our private chef today.