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About Us

Patagonia On Fire LLC. is a catering company that specializes in exclusively curated private chef and dining experiences, along with catering for events of all sizes. With our star Chef and Founder Mr. Mati Lopez hemming exquisite experiences for customers, we bring to California the unique culinary culture of Patagonia, Argentina.

Our Story

Patagonia On Fire LLC was started with a vision to bring to California and the US the beautiful Patagonian culture, and the love for fire that all Argentineans inherently have. True to Patagonian tradition, we expose our clientele to the open fire pits, the smoky wood essence, the gorgeous fire colors, the sound of wood charring, and the never-ending contrast of flavors to soak in with our luxurious private dining experience.

We are looking to share with the US the unique Patagonian heritage of open-fire cooking and the array of Argentinean delicacies, paired with an exclusive extrasensory experience. The fires and smoke that accompany traditional Patagonian cuisine are the highlights of our catering services.

With Patagonia On Fire’s private chef experience, the focus is not just on the finesse and flavor of the food. It’s as much about the experience. Our chef will take the time to answer any questions you and your guests may have and will go over the methods and ingredients utilized in Patagonian open-fire cooking. You will get a renewed respect for this distinctive and delectable cooking style while learning about the history and culture of Patagonian cuisine.

The cuisine, of course, is a one-of-its-kind highlight of our private dining experience at Patagonia On Fire. Entice your guests with the rich variety of delectable platters from our expert chefs, including grilled meats, seafood, and hearty stews. Relish each mouthful of our select delicacies laced with the unique flavors and fragrances of our South American cuisine.

Our Roots

The vision of our Chef and Founder Mati Lopez, Patagonia on Fire LLC is a homage to the rich South American region of Patagonia, known for its vast and diverse landscapes spanning mountains, glaciers, forests, lakes and rivers. Patagonia is home to an even richer cultural heritage much distinct from the rest of the continent. At the helm of this culture is the region’s unique cuisine, with traditions and recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Thousands of Years of History

Patagonia’s indigenous settlers included the Mapuche, Tehuelche, and Selk’naam, and their history and heritage goes back no less than a thousand years. The indigenous tribes shared a deep connection with nature in their beliefs and practices – land, water, fire. As such, Patagonia’s art, music, festivals and food are still deeply rooted in this inherent connect with the elements.

Cuisine as Diverse as the Landscape

If Patagonia’s assorted landscape is what you find enticing, wait till you hear about the fusion of indigenous and European recipes that have now become a part of Patagonia’s vibrant cuisine. From roasted meats to grilled seafood, from rustic desserts to unique wines, the region is home to some of the finest delicacies in the world.

Signature Dishes for Every Taste

At Patagonia On Fire, you can expect to experience these and many other unique aspects of the Patagonian culture and cuisine, with our Chef and Founder Mati Lopez at your service!


Patagonian cuisine boasts of some trademark dishes and beverages unique to the region. The asado, for instance, is a traditional Argentine barbecue of beef, lamb, chicken and chorizo sausage served with chimichurri sauce. A combination of meat, garlic, olive and parsley, the asado is traditionally cooked over open flames using the parilla, a special grill. The cordero al palo is another sweet and savory specialty of the region. It is cooked by slowly roasting lamb over an open fire and seasoned with rosemary, thyme and other herbs.
Asparagus Steak Veal
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Patagonian seafood is a prominent feature on menus, featuring typically grilled or baked dishes like centolla (king crab), merluza negra (black hake) and vieiras (scallops) served with lemon and olive oil dressing.


Desserts of Patagonian origin are characterized by their fresh yet rustic feel. Some of the prominent ingredients used widely in Patagonian desserts are apples, quince, and dulce de leche (caramelized milk). The apple cake, or torta de manzana is one of the most popular Patagonian desserts.
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With some of the world’s most southern vineyards located in the region, Patagonia is widely known for its homegrown wines. The region’s cold climate and soil conditions are ideal for cultivating grapes like Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc, among others. Patagonian wines are frequently contrasted with those from New Zealand and the colder parts of Europe in terms of taste, texture, and superior quality.

About the Founder

Handling the reins of Patagonia On Fire LLC. is Chef Mati Lopez, a seasoned professional and culinary fanatic. Born and raised in the scenic landscape of Patagonia, Chef Mati is a third generation member of a family deeply engaged in the traditional Argentine culinary sector. With Patagonia On Fire LLC., Chef Mati envisages bringing to the forefront his Patagonian roots – a rich cuisine characterized by the unique geography, climate, and heritage of the plateau region.

Chef Mati holds a diploma from the Culinary Institute of America in Saint Helena, California, and has more than ten years of professional experience. In his early career as a chef, Mr. Mati Lopez collaborated on numerous projects with the well-known Chef Francis Mallmann. More recently, in 2021, he prepared meals for his Miami restaurant Los Fuegos, where he raised his own culinary technique and put on a show.

About chef mati lopez, patagonia on fire

How We Can Serve You

Whether you are setting up a private party for just your friends and family or organizing a large business event with over a 100 guests, Patagonia On Fire is your one-stop destination for exclusive, culture-rich, experience-based dining services.

Private Chef

Our chef will set up a specially made grill and fire pit in your garden or outdoor patio, to prepare a variety of delectable dishes in Patagonia’s unique open-fire style right in front of you! You can watch the meat sizzle and the flames dance as the flavor- and texture-rich treats get prepared.

Private Dining Experience

Our private dining offering is just what you need for an evening of intrigue, excitement, and luxury for your friends, family, and guests. Organize your luncheons and dinner parties with special, customizable menus from Patagonia On Fire, and get a curated private dining experience that your guests will never forget.

Private Events

At Patagonia On Fire, we are committed to giving your event guests a genuinely outstanding and opulent experience. From birthday parties to wedding receptions, bridal showers to anniversaries, funerals and memorials to wakes, hire Patagonia On Fire caterers for catering.

Corporate Events

Get curated corporate event catering services from Patagonia On Fire, irrespective of the gathering size. With our expert chefs and staff at your disposal, you can rest assured of entertaining your guests to an innovative and intriguing palette of select recipes from not just Argentina but around the world.